Friday Favourites: Thankfulness & Autumn To-Dos

Golden grasses fencepost bokeh by Zwaddi via Unsplash

Happy Friday to you all. I hope that this week has treated you with ease (and a huge virtual *hug* to all of you who I know have been having a hard time).

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, and as such serves as a good reminder to spend some time on gratitude. What are you most thankful for in your life right now? Let me know in the comments (right now I am personally thankful for the support of good friends, the beauty that is Autumn, and inspiration trickling back into my life courtesy of “The Artist’s Way).

Some of the best things I read online this week:

“The problem as I see it, is this: we have been seduced into thinking worth is measured by doing. Or rather, worth is defined by output. So a person who is able to produce and put out a large amount of work is ‘worth’ the resources they use to keep them alive while they produce that work.”

  • I’m already thinking ahead to my 30th birthday next summer. I know that this “Moon and Stars Birthday Party” is meant for a child, but I absolutely adore the idea!

“The result of this mindset is that we fall into the busy trap: we try to pile more and more and more onto our plates without remembering that if we want to add something to our life plate, we need to make room for it by taking something off too.”


‘Til next time,

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*Photo by Zwaddi via Unsplash